Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, at least I haven't given up completely...

8:30 Sunday, the wistful hour. The breeze, like ghosts’ sighs, floats in through the window and whispers sorrows into your hair.Outside, on the asphalt, grey fences make disproportionate shadow ladders that feed into themselves. Walking past an evening garden party, the guests are silent and staring, a sad washed-out pantomime. The day dies, the week dies, nothing to be done but mull over Monday’s responsibilities and commiserate with the ghosts on the air.


  1. Maureen gets the Sundays too.

    I do too, of course, but not quite like you guys.

  2. "Shadow ladders" is awesome. Come home to us sometime, and we will make you a thousand garden parties, but with poets and goofy blogging neightbors instead of washed-out ness. And feed you limes and coconuts and maybe even lasagnas.

    I have to figure Mexico's lagagnes are few and far between.

    Bring your Korean kids sometime! Jeff and I will proudly teach them to deal with air mattresses and eat Ethiopean food!


  3. I actually had Korean-made lasagna a few days ago..yum! The Korean kids may indeed be coming to our land this summer for to see the sights...and would be most happy to invade Jeffreen land and sleep on air mattresses. I always feel weird on Sundays, but last night the whole city felt strange...thousands of people melancholy over the end of Spring Break.

  4. If you come before the end of September, we can take them to see the worst team in baseball (Washington Nationals) lose some other baseball team. It's a lot more fun than it sounds.

  5. Hmm . . . what a loaded question. Kind of. The Washington Nationals are what's left of the Montreal Expos. They moved down here in 2005 and they stink. They had the worst record in baseball last year and are off to a 1-10 start this year. But at the beginning of last year their owners did open a brand new ballpark for them right in the middle of town, so going there to drink microbrews and take in a drubbing is a good time for everyone except baseball purists.

  6. Oo, strange. Maybe you can secretly swap some Nationals players for some Orioles. In what part of DC is the ballpark?

  7. It's by the Navy Yards, about a mile due south of the Capitol building. It's on South Capitol Street between N and O Streets. There's a Metro stop right there.

    Maureen and I are going there tonight with some great tickets she got from work. We will see the worst team in baseball (5-15) play the Cardinals, which is currently the best team in baseball (15-7). I wonder what will happen . . .

    [Ans: we will eat hot dogs and drink beer]